What can Botox do for you?

What can Botox do for you?

As we get prepare for Dermalogic’s VIP Botox Days, I am anticipating a lot of questions about what tox (neurotoxins aka Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) can and cannot do. ✔️  Yes, tox can relax the muscles that create wrinkles. ✖︎    No, tox cannot fill in wrinkles. ✔️  Yes,...

The Facial Assessment Consultation

A facial assessment is an essential part of the consultation with your cosmetic injector. A structured facial assessment helps to identify which treatment areas would benefit you most. You deserve to get the most from your treatment! Dr. Krachman will analyze: ~ skin...

Fun Fat Facts

Fun Fat Facts I know…who wants to talk about fat? Well I do! Especially since summer is finally here and we eliminate fat every Friday with our Fat Free Friday’s. Did you know that if you starve yourself by not eating, your body stores energy as fat? A...

Get Bikini Ready

Trusculpt is the most effective non-invasive fat reduction technology for body sculpting/ contouring.  Melt away those stubborn areas that remain despite a good diet and exercise.  It only takes one hour to get bikini ready!