We want all our patients to feel comfortable and confident during their procedures. The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System uses a 50/50 combination of inhaled oxygen and nitrous oxide to provide fast-acting pain relief. Nitrous, commonly known as laughing gas, is one of the oldest sedatives in medicine. While it is not a replacement for anesthesia, it does complement and enhance the effects of local anesthetics, like lidocaine.

Normally, a patient is given pain medicine and/or anti-anxiety medication such as Xanax or Ativan. Since these drugs take hours to leave the body, a driver is needed to drive the patient home.

Pro-Nox is a safe and comfortable choice to relieve worry and discomfort during your in-office procedures.

Breath away pain and anxiety with Pro-Nox. The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System empowers you to safely control your pain relief during in-office procedures.

The fixed mixture of 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen uses a specially designed on-demand valve that only deliver the medical gases when you inhale. You manage when to use it and for how long while still being able to recognize and respond on your own terms. This diminished sensation to pain without loss of consciousness is also known as an analgesia.

Quick Effect and Recovery

The effects are typically felt within just a few breaths through a mouthpiece or mask offering immediate relief of pain and anxiety. No needles or Pills. When the pain subsides, take a couple of normal breaths without the mouthpiece or mask and the Nitrous is expelled from you body quickly.

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

The 50/50 mix of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen has been used around the world for decades. Studies have shown that it is non-addictive and even decreases the need for other pain medication, like pills.

This pain management alternative has been used in a variety of facilities including aesthetics, labor and delivery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, urology, dermatology, hospitals and surgery centers for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pro-Nox Work?
The equipment is calibrated to ensure a perfect 50/50 blend delivered with each breath, inhale while holding your own mouthpiece or mask. Keep the mouthpiece up to your face, or nearby as directed by your provider. Breathing in and out will help relieve pain and anxiety.

Does Pro-Nox have side effects?
Some patients report nausea but taking a few deep breaths without the mouthpiece or mask to your mouth will eliminate this feeling. Speak to your provider about any contraindications.

Do I breathe from the Pro-NoxTM during the entire procedure?
No, breathe from the system as you need it for relief or as directed by your provider.

Are there any special preparations to use the Pro-Nox?
No, there is nothing you need to do prior to, or in preparation of, using the system.

Can I drive myself home after the procedure?
Yes, unless directed otherwise by your provider. The N2O effects subside in a few minutes of breathing without the mouthpiece.

Benefits of Pro-Nox:

  • Safe and effective – used for decades
  • Patient-administered – empowers the patient to respond to their pain & anxiety when they need it
  • Quick onset– takes effect in seconds
  • Short duration of effect – clears from body within minutes
  • Can be used for the duration of any procedure where the patient has pain and anxiety

Pro-Nox may be the right choice for patients:

  • who are drug adverse,
  • who want to manage their pain and anxiety,
  • who wish to be alert after the procedure, or
  • who wish to be able to drive themselves home.

What is Pro-Nox Used For?

We typically use Pro-Nox for several our procedures, such as Plasma Pen treatments and fractionated skin resurfacing procedures, and other laser treatments. It is appropriate for virtually any procedure that patients may find painful. Studies have shown that Pro-Nox is an effective and non-addictive option for superior comfort during these procedures. With Pro-Nox, the procedure itself becomes much more comfortable for the patient, and the provider does not need to stop to relieve patient discomfort. It sometimes eliminates the need for injection numbing, which may cause more downtime if bruising occurs.

How Does It Work?

Pro-Nox is a natural blend of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous analgesia, self-administered by the patient through a safe, valve inhalation system that only delivers the medical gases when the patient breathes in. The 50/50 mix has been safely and effectively used around the world in labor and delivery for decades.

During a procedure, the patient holds on to the disposable mouthpiece and hose as he/she breathes the nitrous oxide. The patient is in control of how much or how little of the nitrous oxide is needed during the procedure. Since each patient is different and is the best judge of comfort as well as discomfort, the control is put into the hands of the patient.

Is This the Same Laughing Gas at the Dentist?

No. The concentration of nitrous oxide that is generally used for dental and orthodontic procedures is up to 70%, compared to the 50/50 mixture utilized by the Pro-Nox System. When patients are given the nitrous mask for an oral health procedure, they have little to no control over the dosage and amount administered, unlike the Pro-Nox System which puts patients safely in control of their comfort at all times.

When Does It Take Effect?

The benefits of the split 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen gases, take effect within seconds of inhaling the blend, providing increased comfort and reduced anxiety. These effects last for a few minutes at a time and can be extended by self-administering more of the mixture as needed. When using Pro-Nox, a patient breathes into the mouthpiece when needed. After administering, taking normal breaths allows the nitrous oxide to move out of the system quickly.

How Long Does Pro-Nox Last?

Effects wear off in 5-10 minutes. There is no trace of the chemical in the body. The short-lasting effects of Pro-Nox allow the patient to reap the benefits of an analgesic, while still being able to drive before and after a procedure. With Pro-Nox, patients now can respond to pain or discomfort on their own terms, without disrupting the rest of their day.

Are There Any Contraindications?

Some possible short term side effects of nitrous oxide are dizziness, nausea, light-headedness, and unsteadiness. Anemia and/or a vitamin B12 deficiency is a major contraindication of Pro-Nox. Someone who suffers from extreme chronic fatigue, a typical symptom of anemia and B12 deficiency, should not use Pro-Nox. Pro-Nox is contraindicated for patients, providers and assistants in the first trimester of pregnancy. Other relative contraindications include nasal obstruction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, active cystic fibrosis, recent tympanic membrane surgery, claustrophobia, intoxication, and others.