Nutrafol Men’s Hair Growth Pack


Hair Growth Nutraceutical

90 day pack. 30 day supply bottle and 2 packets containing a 30 day supply each.


Meet your hair’s natural ally. Designed to improve hair growth with visibly more thickness and scalp coverage, our approach targets root causes of thinning hair like hormones, stress, and poor nutrition without compromising sexual performance. Because hair health is the best investment, and you’re better off with medical-grade ingredients that tap into your own natural ability to grow.

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  • Fuller hair and scalp coverage
  • Visibly thicker volume
  • Hair that grows faster, stronger
  • Less stress & better sleep
  • No effects on you libido

Recommend Usage

Take all 4 capsules once a day every day with a meal, preferably one containing some healthy fat for best absorption.

Real Results. Really

1 – 2 MONTHS – It won’t take long to see healthier looking hair. While your hair is getting stronger, your stress levels are going down and you’re getting more restful sleep. Win-win, honestly.

3 – 4 MONTHS – Volume. Shine. Improved mood. That’s better.

5 – 6 MONTHS – Growth really kicks in and you’re seeing progressive improvement in fullness. Fully loaded.
6+ MONTHS – Your hair is thicker, fuller, softer, and shinier. There’s less breakage and you’re basically cruising from this point forward. It’s all you.



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