Natural Under Eye Rejuvenation

Natural Under Eye Rejuvenation

What is PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin?

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin is a blood product that contains platelets and fibrin. It’s created by taking your own blood, separating the plasma from the red and white blood cells. We then concentrate and spin down (centrifuging) the remaining plasma to create PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin. This specific platelet mixture helps build and anti-age tissue, as fibrin is known to stimulate stem cells which improve collagen and elastin in the skin.  This process results in skin that’s healthier, firmer, tighter, and more youthful-looking.

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin has been used in medicine for decades as an aid in wound healing and tissue regeneration. It can also be used topically on skin to help improve elasticity, reduce fine lines around eyes or lips, fade acne scars or stretch marks caused by pregnancy/weight gain/loss etc.  Other uses include the treatment of rosacea flare ups by reducing inflammation & redness while increasing collagen production beneath damaged tissue layers causing breakouts – resulting in clearer skin overall!

What are the Anti-Aging Benefits of PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin for Under Eye Rejuvenation?

PRF is an all natural way to improve under eye pigmentation and tone, it also enhances skin firmness, texture and thickness to improve wrinkles, volume loss and dark circles. PRF platelet rich fibrin is an injectable that contains your own blood plasma that has been concentrated into a gel-like substance. The PRF is injected into the under eye and “tear trough” using a blunt-tipped cannula. This needleless approach allows precise delivery of the product and greatly diminishes bruising. Over time PRF will stimulate collagen and elastin under the eye to help fill in hollows and wrinkles due to aging or sun damage. PRF releases growth factors, which stimulate skin tissue repair and regeneration, as well as new collagen and elastin production = anti-aging.

How is PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin Used for Under Eye Rejuvenation?

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin is an injectable material that has been used for years to treat a variety of conditions, including eye rejuvenation. The process involves injecting the PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin into the skin around your eyes, where it stimulates collagen production and helps reduce wrinkles.

The recovery time will vary depending on how many areas are treated at once and how much product is used in each area. Most patients experience some redness or swelling after treatment, but this usually subsides within 24-72 hours. You may also notice some bruising around your eyes after treatment; however, this should go away within a few days as well if you do not apply makeup on top of it (which we recommend avoiding until all signs of bruising have disappeared).

How long do PRF results last?

Results typically last one to three weeks and the volume will essentially dissipate. Long-term effects, such as skin tightening, collagen production and enhanced skin quality, may take up to three to four months to be noticed.

Are There Alternatives to PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin?

If you’re looking for an alternative to PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin, there are several options. Botox injections are a popular choice among those who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can also be used to treat under eye hollows. Laser treatments such as Microneedling RF-Vivace can help smooth out deeper wrinkles in this area as well as reduce pigmentation from sun damage or acne scarring.

What is the Recovery Time After PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin?

The recovery time after PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin is generally rapid.  Patients may experience some redness and swelling at the injection sites, which can last for up to one week.

Patients should avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after the procedure, as this could increase bleeding risk and prolong recovery time.

Follow-up appointments are recommended every 4 weeks for 3 sessions following treatment, then yearly thereafter for maintence treatments.

Are the Results of PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin Permanent?

The results of PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin are permanent! However, we recommend 3 sessions, 4 weeks apart then yearly to maintain the best results.

There are some lifestyle changes that can help you maintain your youthful appearance.

Avoid smoking and excessive drinking, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.

The Basics:

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin is a medical treatment that uses your own blood to rejuvenate the skin by releasing anti-aging growth factors. It has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote collagen production, and improve elasticity in the skin.

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin is an effective anti-aging treatment for under eye rejuvenation because it can help reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. The procedure involves taking a small amount of your own blood (platelets) out of one arm with a needle, mixing it with your fibrin glue to create a platelet rich fibrin matrix that is then injected into areas where you want to improve the appearance of your skin.

Why choose Dermalogic Laser Center?

Board-certified physician Dr. Amy Krachman founded Dermalogic Laser Center to offer patients a comprehensive facial rejuvenation experience combining the most advanced laser devices, injectables and medical grade skincare. Our boutique aesthetic center is like a family, and we take care of each patient like they are one of our own. Dermalogic exudes a positive, friendly, relaxing atmosphere the minute you walk through the door, and it is carried throughout your entire experience with us. Our aim is to safely provide the natural outcomes you want and to give you an exceptional patient experience. The comprehensive nature and synergy of our team provides our patients with unparalleled results.

Want to learn more about PRF under eye rejuvenation? 

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Calm Down Rosacea

Calm Down Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. It is characterized by redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels on the face, as well as acne-like bumps and a burning or stinging sensation.

While the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, it is believed to be linked to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Triggers for rosacea flare-ups can include sun exposure, stress, alcohol, spicy foods, and certain skincare products. Blue light emanating from phones, tablets and computers are a BIG trigger for redness.  Wear your sunblock everyday even if you are staying home of the day to minimize skin redness.

If you have rosacea, it’s important to work with Dr. Krachman to develop a treatment plan that works for you. Here are some common treatments that may be recommended:

  1. Topical medications:  Prescription creams or gel containing ingredients like azelaic acid, metronidazole, or sulfur to reduce inflammation and redness. Medical grade skin care products such as Photo A+ Brightening treatment  and Physical Fusion SPF 50 can aid to diminish flares and redness.
  2. Oral medications: In some cases, your dermatologist may prescribe an oral medication like antibiotics or isotretinoin to reduce inflammation and prevent flare-ups.
  3. Laser therapy: Laser therapy (Laser genesis, IPL/ Fotofacial) can help reduce the appearance of visible redness, blood vessels and improve the overall texture and tone of the skin.
  4. Lifestyle changes: Making certain lifestyle changes can also help manage rosacea symptoms. For example, avoiding triggers like sun exposure, stress, certain foods, and blue light can help prevent flare-ups. Additionally, using gentle medical grade skincare products and avoiding harsh chemicals or exfoliants can help keep your skin calm and healthy.

Living with rosacea can be challenging, but with the right treatment plan and lifestyle changes, it is possible to manage the condition and enjoy clear, healthy-looking skin. Remember to work closely with Dr. Krachman to find the best approach for you, and don’t hesitate to ask for support from friends, family, and online communities of fellow rosacea sufferers.

Get control of your redness today! Call Dr. Amy Krachman to schedule a consultation today 609561003

Want a Chiseled more defined Jaw Line?

Jawline Enhancement & Contouring

Looking for a more refined and defined, jawline in Hammonton, NJ? Jawline Enhancement or Jawline Contouring can help you achieve that goal by: 

  • adding definition where there may not be 
  • creating an effect of skin tightening
  • lifting and decreasing the appearance of jowls

 Dermalogic Laser Center will walk you through exactly how it works and what to expect from the procedure.

What is a Jawline Enhancement?

Jawline Enhancement is a cosmetic procedure using injectable dermal fillers to contour the jawline for a more balanced profile. It can be used to correct asymmetry and improve the shape of your jawline, as well as treat the loss of volume in your lower face. There are different kinds of injectables used for jawline enhancement; some last longer than others, ranging from six months to two years. At Dermalogic we carry a variety of hyaluronic acid gel fillers from top brands like Juvederm and Restylane, including FDA-approved Juvederm® Volux which is indicated specifically for jawline.

Jawline Enhancement is a non-surgical procedure that can be performed on men and women alike, although it’s not for everyone. There are other treatment options (collagen stimulators, Botox, fat reducing Kybella, skin tightening lasers) that can be used in conjunction with – or instead of – filler to help sculpt a jawline. Dr. Krachman in Hammonton, NJ will make recommendations for products and treatments that best suit you. 

Who is a candidate for a Jawline Enhancement?

You are a candidate for a Jawline Enhancement if you are unhappy with the shape and contour of your jawline. Are you woman out there looking for the snatched jawline? How about all you men? Looking for the chiseled jawline? Want to look younger, slimmer, or just have a more contoured look, then you are a candidate for jawline enhancement!

You could also be someone who has a weak or receding chin and wants to increase definition in this area to improve your profile. 

What are the risks and side effects of Jawline Enhancement?

As with any injectable, there may be injection site reactions such as:

  • swelling
  • bruising
  • pain
  • infection (uncommon, but possible)

All of these side effects are temporary and will dissipate as you recover, typically within a few days. You will be provided with post-injection care instructions to ensure the best outcome.

How long does it take to see results from a Jawline Enhancement? How long do results last?

Results are immediate and they last between six to twelve months, depending on your body and age.

Since you only get one face, you want to make sure that whoever does your Jawline Enhancement has plenty of experience doing procedures like this. Having started in 2004, Dr. Krachman has nearly two decades of experience injecting and solely practicing medical aesthetics. She is an artist with a syringe and focuses on naturally beautiful results.

Do jawline injections hurt? Is anesthesia required?

  • There is no pain during the injection itself, but you may experience some discomfort for a few minutes to an hour afterwards.
  • There is no anesthesia for injections but some people may prefer topical numbing cream before their procedure. This process takes about 10-15 minutes per side.
  • For patients who experience anxiety with needles, we offer the option of laughing gas to make their experience more comfortable.

Why Choose Dermalogic?

  • Dr. Krachman is an experienced injector. She has been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2004, which means she has the knowledge, skill, and established technique to help you achieve the results you want.
  • Dr. Krachman is a licensed and board certified doctor, so you can be sure that she will deliver high quality care with every procedure she performs.
  • During your consultation, Dr. Krachman will perform a full face assessment to determine whether jawline enhancement is right for you as well as what kind of treatment(s) would work best for you to achieve your desired result.

If you’re interested in a Jawline Enhancement, you should know that it’s a safe and effective procedure. The best part is that you don’t need to undergo any invasive surgery or recovery time! You can get instant results by visiting Dr. Krachman in Hammonton, NJ who specializes in injectables and facial aesthetics. If you want more information on how we can help with your specific needs, please contact us today at (609) 561-0033 or submit our contact form to schedule a consultation to achieve a chiseled jawline.  


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AviClear | Your Path to Clear Skin


AviClear is a laser treatment that offers a safe, prescription-free solution for acne. Using the power of laser to selectively target and suppress sebaceous glands, AviClear eliminates acne at the source.

Clinical trials show that AviClear procedure:

  • Reduces existing acne
  • decreases the duration, intensity, and frequency of future breakout episodes
  • results continue to improve overtime (long term efficacy)


AviClear is suitable for every age group and every skin type. It treats all types of acne from mild to severe, and especially effective for stubborn acne-including cystic, inflammatory, and hormonal acne.


AviClear uses the power of laser light to selectively target and suppress sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the source without the need for prescription medications.

To understand how AviClear works, it is important to understand how breakouts happen. To simplify- Acne forms when sebum, the oily substance in your skin, combines with dead skin cells and clogs your pores. Bacteria then gets trapped in your pores and triggers inflammation causing red and pus-filled pimples.

AviClear diminishes you sebaceous glands, which reduces the amount of oil your skin produces and thereby gets rid of your acne!


After consultation with Dr. Krachman, patients are scheduled for three 30-minute sessions spaced about four weeks apart. Following each AviClear session mild redness and or swelling may occur, lasting from one hour to up to two days. Acne flare ups (aka “purging”) may occur but are temporary and will resolve in time.

While there is no downtime, and no need for adjunctive therapy, Dr. Krachman recommends applying an SPF 50 sunblock daily during the treatment series.

Results are visible around three to four weeks after the AviClear treatment session and will continue to improve with time. Optimal results will be seen after completion of the third session.


  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Long Lasting
  • No prescription medication
  • No topical creams or ointments
  • No detailed skincare regimen
  • No regular visits to the doctor or pharmacy
  • No severe side effects

Dermalogic is now taking appointments for consultation.  Please call the office to schedule today 609.561.0033

Why Stem Cells?

Why Stem Cells?


Two of the main factors that influence a patient’s treatment are the ability to provide effective results with minimal downtime. At Dermalogic Laser Center we offer every patient PRP and or stem cells to enhance your results while minimizing the recovery time required post-treatment.

Both PRP and Stem Cells are versatile treatments that can be used for countless different aesthetic treatments. From using PRP to help restore hair loss, to applying stem cell product after laser treatment, and more, PRP and stem cells help elevate treatment outcomes and your overall experience.

What is Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are a safe holistic treatment used to enhance cell signaling to stimulate healing and increase recovery time. At Dermalogic we use  a pure, natural product that can enhance the overall appearance of the skin.

For instance, inflammation after some aesthetic treatments may be common and can result in more discomfort, swelling, redness, and a longer recovery time. Incorporating stem cells into the treatment can improve your treatment results, while simultaneously reducing your recovery time.

Better Results, Less Downtime

The anti-inflammatory effects of stem cells are a game-changer! As previously discussed, using stem cells in combination with another procedure (i.e. RF microneedling, lasers, peels, neurotoxins, fillers) or as a stand-alone facial can not just reduce the patient’s downtime post-treatment, but also improves their results and overall appearance.

For example, a patient being treated to reduce their acne scars can have stem cells applied to their face following their treatment. Not only will the product further help with their overall treatment results, but it will significantly reduce their inflammation which thus reduces their recovery time.

How do Stem Cells Work?

Stem Cells work to increase collagen and elastin to further improve treatment results. Taking just 60 seconds at the end of a treatment to apply the this product can radically improve your overall results. This is because stem cells increase the expression of collagen production by 28%, and elastin production by 33%, which ultimately helps to improve results and lower recovery time.

Essentially, using stem cells is like doing another second treatment, in just 60 seconds! Ultimately, stem cells can  provide  a comprehensive treatment system that can be paired with nearly any aesthetic treatment to enhance results and improve recovery time. Enhancing the treatment experience with stem cells helps to  minimize side effects like discomfort, swelling, and redness so the patient can spend more time enjoying your treatment results.


Is Stem Cell therapy right for you?

You will benefit form Stem Cell therapy if you want to reduce your down time, hydrate your skin, increase collegan and elastin in your skin.

Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about stem cell therapy.


Why chemical peels?

Because you deserve it!……

Treats Acne
Minimizes Pores
Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
Fades discoloration
Improves collagen
Diminishes scarring
Balances texture
Smooths skin
all with minimal downtime.

Join us for our peel event….
November 16th
includes 2 chemical peels, FREE products and Hydration Mask

Wednesday, November 16 is our one-day SkinMedica Event!

Questions? Please call the office to learn how you can transform your skin for the holiday. 6095610033

Look who joined the Dermalogic team 😃

Look who joined the Dermalogic team 😃

Meet Margaret Evans, RN-BSN
Dermalogic continues to grow and expand thanks to all our wonderful patients. To better serve all of you, we are bringing on some additional talent. Dr. Krachman is pleased to announce that Margaret Evans, RN BSN, a registered nurse and aesthetic injector, is now part of our team of providers at Dermalogic.
Nurse Margaret graduated from Thomas Jefferson University and has more than thirteen years of patient care experience. Margaret has treated patients of all ages, including experience as a NICU nurse, and is certified in Critical Care. In terms of medical aesthetics, Margaret is certified by the Institute of Laser Medicine in neuromodulator and dermal filler administration and has completed an Accelerated Program for injectables.
Most importantly, Margaret was hand selected by Dr. Krachman as an apprentice. At Dermalogic the #1 goal is for a seamless patient experience with any practitioner. The providers perform all procedures with the highest standards to ensure the consistent, remarkable results you all know as our signature service. By personally training her, Dr. Krachman is confident you will feel comfortable in Nurse Margaret’s expertise and care.
We are thrilled to introduce you to Nurse Margaret and are offering three very special events so you can meet her this month! Space is limited at these one-day only specials, so be sure to book your visit ASAP.
What can Botox do for you?

What can Botox do for you?

As we get prepare for Dermalogic’s VIP Botox Days, I am anticipating a lot of questions about what tox (neurotoxins aka Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) can and cannot do.

✔️  Yes, tox can relax the muscles that create wrinkles.

✖︎    No, tox cannot fill in wrinkles.

✔️  Yes, tox can (and should) be used in conjunction with dermal fillers.

✖︎    No, tox is not permanent. It wears off with time.

Aside from treating crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines, there are many uses for tox that people aren’t aware of.

Have you heard of a

… Lip Flip?

… Nefertiti Neck Lift?

… Jawline Slimming?

Check out my infographics below, and follow me on social media to learn more about this and other aesthetic procedures. When you’re ready for injectables, please book a consultation (link in menu) so I can assess your skin and answer all your questions and concerns.


The Facial Assessment Consultation

A facial assessment is an essential part of the consultation with your cosmetic injector. A structured facial assessment helps to identify which treatment areas would benefit you most.
You deserve to get the most from your treatment!
Dr. Krachman will analyze:
~ skin quality
~ facial shape
~ facial proportion & contour
~ facial symmetry

~ animation & emotional expression

Always consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.
To see me in my office, please call 609-561-0033 during regular business hours. Or request a consultation online.

Kibosh chin fat with Kybella


It’s that time of year again.  The Holiday’s are around the corner.  Check out a few of my amazing results from Kybella.  I would love to talk about it with you….give Dermalogic a call.